Larys Control 2 is a FREE photoshop extension made by a collection of 7 scripts that make tedious photoshopping jobs much easier. This latest version is compatible with Photoshop CC and CC 2014.


Layer Name Editor

This function allows you to name your layers and folder with great control and functionality.

Credits: Paul Riggott & Evgeny Trefilov

Remove Unused Effects

Allows you to remove unused effects on all selected layers

Credits: Paul Riggott

Flatten All Layers Effects

Allows you to flatten all layers effects in selected layers

Credits: Jeffrey Tranberry & Evgeny Trefilov

Delete Empty Layers

Allows you to delete all empty layers in photoshop file

Credits: Paul Riggott

Rasterize Smart Objects

Allows you to rasterise each and every selected smart object in to individual layer

Credits: Paul Riggott

Find Similar Files & Folders

Allows you to find files and folders with similar names

Credits: Paul Riggott

Convert To Smart Object

Allows you to convert every selected layers into individual smart objects

Credits: Paul Riggott & Evgeny Trefilov

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