How To Remove a Picture Background in Canva

Sometimes it’s just not possible to remove a distracting background in your photos, but you can always blur them out with the right technique. The photo bomber is your subject or simply a background in the photo that you don’t need.

Canva Pro removes the background of your images. It’s perfect for editing images on your own or working with clients. Then, use the important part of your Canva project. I hope these writing examples help you to understand the difference between simple and complex. We’ll show you how to remove a background in Canva.

If you’d like to know more about removing backgrounds, check out our article on removing white backgrounds in photoshop.




5 minutes


  • Canva Pro account

Upload and add your picture to Canva

If you’ve already uploaded the photo you want to use, you can jump down to the next part explaining how to remove the background in Canva. If you don’t have your picture uploaded yet, you can easily add it.

First you’ll need to open your project, then you’ll select Uploads on the left side. Upload Media or use the Three Dots to import an image from Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, or Instagram.

Click Add Photo or Follow the prompts according to the location you choose. Drag and drop the image into the canvas on the right.

Remove the picture background in Canva

With your portrait on your canvas, it’s super easy to remove the background.

Step 1: You’ll see a large, empty image box at the top. Click Edit Image in the toolbar to bring up the Edit Image window.

Step 2: You’ll see the Edit Image options to the left.

Start by selecting the Background Remover option at the top. If you’re seeing extra black bars on the left side of the picture, you need to make an adjustment to get rid of more black bars in the picture

In Step 4, you can erase any additional portions of the image.

Once you’ve adjusted the brush size you want to use, click the Set Brush Size button to store your settings. Click or swipe to go to the next picture and use the same process to remove unwanted objects.

To make the text even darker and less readable, check the box for Show Original Image and then select Dim Background. If you accidentally delete something that you want to restore, click Restore.

Next, highlight all of the original picture using your cursor. Then, drag them to where they belong in the new version of the picture. When you’ve finished, hit Done at the top to save your edits. You can always cancel this operation, so click Cancel instead if you decide you don’t want this after all.

Then, click Apply in the sidebar. As mentioned, the Background Remover tool is available with Canva Pro. Canva offers many subscription plans for all kinds of businesses. What’s next? You’re seeing what’s called a “split sentence”.

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