Things You Can Do With Photoshop: Must Try in 2022!

What Are Some Cool Things You Can Do With Photoshop?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for some cool Photoshop tutorials and effects to try out. With the help of tutorials like these, learning Photoshop can quickly become much more enjoyable. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned Photoshop user, you’ll discover many incredible Photoshop lessons to try in this post.

There are three main areas for various editing techniques, as you’ll see throughout this essay. The three that we discuss in this article are Basic Photo Editing Adjustments, Graphics & Text Effects, and Creative Effects.

Every portion of this article provides something completely different, depending on the effects you want to make using Photoshop. Let’s get things going by exploring some Photoshop creative techniques that you really must attempt.

Cool Photoshop tutorials centered on graphic design and text effects will also be a big part of our attention. There are several methods to use Photoshop for graphic design even if it wasn’t designed with it in mind. You’ll have a ton of fantastic graphic design photoshop tutorials to try in your spare time with the available photoshop tutorials listed below.

Double exposure effect

To create artistic effects, photographers in the “olden” days of photography began to expose the same frame of film twice. It was a difficult situation, and a lot of film had to be wasted before anything passable could be produced.

With the advent of Photoshop, creating this incredibly original and current aesthetic of double exposure effect has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Paint Drip Effect

To give the impression that your topic is turning into dripping paint, apply the paint drip effect. With this effect, you may use portrait photographs to further express your creativity with brush modifications. The free brushes included with the Adobe CC Subscription are also demonstrated in the photoshop tutorial down below to help you achieve this look.

Dual Lighting Portraits

The dual lighting effect employs color gradients to give your subject the appearance of studio lighting. Photoshop may be used as an alternative to costly lights and lighting gels. This effect is very simple, yet it quickly gives your shot a more polished appearance. Who doesn’t enjoy some artistic lighting effects, after all.

The Inception Effect

Do you remember seeing the movie Inception? That’s exactly where the idea for this cool Photoshop effect came from. Using several Photoshop filters, you can distort an ordinary shot and make it appear to be bending. Try out this effect; it’s a lot of fun and fantastic for landscape photos.

Creating Silhouette Composites

This guide for creating a silhouette composite is essential if you want to keep things simple and elegant. Here, you’ll discover how to construct a silhouetted scene from scratch.

To easily produce this appearance, you may utilize a range of tree and grass rendering tools in Photoshop. It’s a lot of fun to create composites, so even if you’re new to Photoshop, I would suggest giving this one a go.

Moon Lanterns

You may put a moon as a unique twist on the standard lantern pictures to make them more interesting. This Photoshop lesson shows you how to choose, cut out, and mix a moon into another image. This is a great lesson for honing your composite picture skills, and it produces a standout image that is sure to get some attention.

The Glitch Effect

The glitch effect is one of many things you can do with photoshop and one of the many fantastic Photoshop techniques to use if you like the future cyber vibe in your work. You may instantly make a color split in your photo using the RGB color channels.

The only things remaining after that are a texture and a few filter settings to mix everything together. The possibilities are endless because this Photoshop effect may be applied to both text and graphics.

Image Mosaics

This simple photoshop tutorial makes it easy to create a mosaic rather than painstakingly collecting the ideal photographs and manually sewing one together. Photoshop automatically tiles all of your images when you batch load a number of pictures. The final mosaic is created by applying a color grading to each shot after that with the use of blending techniques.

Water Splash In Lightbulb

You have probably seen this well-known Photoshop effect before among a list of things you can do with photoshop. A great first Photoshop edit is to put water inside a lightbulb since it produces pleasing artistic outcomes. The step-by-step approach for achieving this effect is demonstrated in the video tutorial down below.

The color splash effect

What about incorporating a tiny bit of color if you enjoy seeing black and white images? A fun Photoshop feature to experiment with is the Color Splash Effect, which livens up a typical B&W photograph. This lesson will show you how to isolate whatever color you choose while turning the remainder of the image to black and white.

The Dispersion Effect

Want to make it appear as though your subjects are dissipating like the Avengers? Then you’ll like this effect of dispersion with this photoshop edit. You may stretch out a portion of your image to use as the filler for your breakaway particles by using the liquify adjustment.

Then, using a single brush and a layer mask, you can create the illusion that your subjects are vanishng into thin air. Everyone should give this Photoshop tutorial a shot since it’s a lot of fun.

Adding Glowing Social Media Icons

Addition of glowing social network symbols to images has been popular recently online. It does seem really awesome, whether it’s emerging out of a phone or floating somewhere else in the picture. The online guide will show you how to produce this effect on your own and some helpful blending methods to make it appear more genuine.

The Forest Warp Effect

This warping effect in Photoshop is a must-try for landscape or city photographs. You can make it look like a portion of your shot is elongating by using a motion blur and a gradient layer mask. It gives photos a distinctive appearance and, in some instances, might assist in isolating your subject in the frame.

Neon Glow Effect

This Photoshop tutorial demonstrates how to combine a portrait photograph with neon shapes, similar to the dual lighting effect. This enjoyable, surprisingly straightforward procedure works well for any imaginative portrait you’re working on. The colors and forms used here may be mixed and matched to create a distinctive final appearance.

The Vintage Effect

This antique effect is fantastic if you enjoy the appearance of classic cinema photos. It only takes a few clicks to quickly make a digital photo appear film-like by using several textures and adjustment layers. I adore how easy this lesson is to follow and how realistic the product seems.

Create A Composite Image

A photo that combines two or more images is called a composite image. You’ll learn how to create an automobile blend into an empty road in this video.

Building useful editing abilities and producing more distinctive photographs are both facilitated by learning how to make composites in Photoshop. Although this lesson makes a realistic composite, you could easily make a dreamworld using the same approaches.

Watercolor Paint Effect

Using watercolor brushes, this imaginative Photoshop effect gives your image the appearance of being drawn on paper. This is a fantastic method to add flair to any shot, whilst being fairly easy to use. It functions best when you want to focus on your subject or give portrait photographs a unique touch.

Pixel Stretch Effect

A single row of pixels in your image are sampled by the pixel stretch effect, which then stretches those pixels to produce a color ribbon. Depending on your preference, you may use this effect to produce curved or circular pixel stretches.

You can achieve this effect with only one click by purchasing the Pixel Stretch Photoshop Action.

Draw Realistic Clouds

Learning how to draw clouds is one of the most intriguing tasks to try out first when using digital painting to utilize Photoshop to produce an entirely unique image. Use this guide to make fluffy, stormy, or wispy clouds right now.

Create Different Cloud Shapes

Photoshop offers the ability to both paint clouds and modify genuine clouds’ appearance. Have you ever raised your head to the sky and noticed that there were shapes of animals or other objects in the clouds? When you build cloud shapes in Photoshop, this method is a terrific approach to help images come to life with a little whimsy and enchantment.

Brush Stroke Text Effect

The text brushstroke effect is a timeless design that works with any project that calls for a handcrafted appearance. It is a style that may be seen all over the world in different cultures, but it is most well-known for being used as an artistic medium in China and Japan. It may be made to seem quite convincing by using isolated brushstrokes from real brushes.

Replace The Sky In Any Photo

Have you ever taken a beautiful picture and then wished the sky had been a bit more dramatic? Perhaps you wished there were more clouds in the backdrop or that the photo had been taken at dusk or at night rather than during the day. With Photoshop’s sky replacement tool, you can now simply modify the sky in any photograph.

Add Falling Snow To Your Image

It’s not always necessary to endure a snowfall in order to create a winter wonderland shot. By blending and applying layer masks, you can make snow fall in any image. This is a fantastic introduction to the matte painting method.

Make a Matte Painting

The art of matte painting involves repurposing elements of the real world to create fantastical settings. If you’ve watched any Hollywood blockbusters in the past ten years, you’ve probably seen bizarre and amazing worlds. Let’s investigate the process now.

Transform a Landscape Image into a 3D Isometric Image

Create isometric 3D graphics from your landscape photographs, especially those that were taken from a high vantage point, such as the peak of a hill. This is a 2D illusion that appears to be 3D at the end.

Create Galaxies in Photoshop

There are no bigger things than this. You may design your own galaxies and nebulas using nothing more than Photoshop to produce amazing space photographs! You may produce these photos on your own with a few artistically chosen effects.

Add Angel Wings to People

Compared to most of the projects on this list, this one is a little bit more complicated. You can give wings to anyone by combining a few different photos. To do this, you’ll employ sophisticated masking and blending techniques.

Make Objects Float

Pre-production for this one takes a little bit longer, but I think the outcome is well worthwhile! Learn how to make items appear to be defying gravity with this interesting Photoshop trick, whether you’re trying to spice up commercial photographs or you just want to have some fun.

Add Falling Leaves to an Image

It’s rather easy to add falling leaves to an image, and all you need to do to make it seem more genuine is add depth by blurring out the leaves in accordance with the depth of field. In any season, use this method to produce a fantastic autumnal portrait.

Design a vintage letterpress poster

Love all the vintage posters you see in the pubs and cafes? Using Photoshop, you may make your own distinctive posters that mimic old ones. You may mimic the appearance of any era by utilizing particular fonts, colors, and effects.

Turn your pet into a giant

We’ve all undoubtedly entertained the concept at least once, but what if your dog or cat was enormous and prowled the neighborhood? By making this scene in Photoshop, you may now find out.

Turn a 2D image into a 3D one

By inflating a 2D picture like a balloon in Photoshop’s built-in 3D workspace, you can now convert it into a 3D one. Your image becomes a real, three-dimensional object as a result.

iMessage Text Bubble Effect

This iMessage word bubble effect is a cute way to give your photographs more appeal. You may use text bubbles to construct a tale around your photograph rather than just taking a portrait of a single individual. This guide shows you how to make these text bubbles from scratch or offers a convenient pre-made iMessage text bubble set.

Making Custom Collages

This lesson will show you how to create a collage, whether you want to use two, three, or one hundred photographs. Since there aren’t any pre-made Photoshop templates, you’ll learn how to create your own in this article. This lesson shows you how to make a 33 grid collage, a template, and an efficient method for bordering a photo.

Give Your Logo A Transparent Background

You now have a logo, but it appears on a dreadful white backdrop anywhere you place it. What can you do to remove the obnoxious white box around your logo so that you only see it? This article will show you how to choose and cut out any logo from a white backdrop quickly and easily. Additionally, export settings that are crucial to maintaining transparency.

Rubber Stamp Effect

Learn how to add a basic rubber stamp effect to your photographs to evoke a sense of nostalgia or to make a letter or envelope appear to have been handled by the postal service. How simple it is to get this look will amaze you. Create personalized stamp images with any image or symbol you like.

Create Realistic Tattoos

You may use this method to make any artwork seem like tattoos that have really been inscribed onto the flesh. Use pictures of actual tattooed skin as a guide, then practice until you get it right.

Turn Photos into Paintings

Since its release, Photoshop has been used to transform photographs into artworks. In fact, there are built-in effects that provide a variety of “artistic” aesthetics. But I’ve discovered an alternative approach that takes a bit more effort but produces considerably better outcomes. It only requires a little amount of time and patience and is still extremely “beginners” friendly.

Paper cutout text effect

This Paper text effect is a must-try if you’re looking for a simple and minimalistic look. Although it appears to be a straightforward process, the end product is incredibly lifelike. This effect seeks to simulate the appearance of handmade paper in your text, and man, oh man, does it look amazing.

Make realistic embroidery text

You will discover in this article how to use Photoshop to produce embroidered writing that looks genuine. The craft of embroidery involves using a needle and thread to create text and designs on fabric. But with some creative Photoshop tricks, it’s also a simple look to duplicate.

Create a mermaid

The mermaid is one of the few fantasy creatures that truly captures the imagination. Here, you can learn how to transform a female model into a mermaid without ever submerging her. There will be some painting and sketching involved with this project, but don’t worry, practice will make perfect.

Making a halftone pattern

The world of print media has left behind the hip aesthetic of halftone. The majority of the work is done for you by the built-in effects, making it a relatively simple look to obtain. Make beautiful halftone photos by using high-quality artwork as a model.

Stopmotion Video

It’s possible that many of you are unaware of this, but Photoshop contains a tool called the timeline that can be used to make stop motion animation, sometimes known as frame-by-frame animation.

This method entails putting together an animation that has already been captured on camera using Photoshop, but it may also be used to build simple animations from the ground up in Photoshop.

Color Threshold Effect

Another entertaining Photoshop effect is the color threshold effect, which gives your image a classic print feel. You may apply a single color to your photo to make it appear printed by selecting areas of it around which it should be printed. If you’re not familiar with the selection tools in Photoshop, this effect is incredibly easy to make and is excellent practice.

Writing Circular Text

Circular text may be used in a variety of ways, such as to make an emblem, a logo, or a straightforward graphic design for a youtube intro. Using a shape path and the text tool in Photoshop, it’s simple to produce text in a circle. You will learn how to compose text in a circle and further stylize it in this video to get better results.

Creating 3D Text

Why make something in 2D when you can create it in 3D? Both text and videos work better for this. This video shows you how to use Photoshop to build 3D text from scratch. Any text you’re dealing with may provide the impression of depth by using different layer styles. For best effects, be sure to choose bolder text.

Gold text effect

This Photoshop Gold Text Effect is perfect if you enjoy everything that has a gold finish. You can quickly create gold-plated text by adjusting the text layer styles, blending modes, and adding effects.

Blurred Background

Since the release of Photoshop CC, it is now simple to selectively blur an image’s backdrop. Of course, utilizing a shallow depth of focus in camera is the ideal way to get blurred backgrounds. However, this is not always possible for a variety of practical reasons. So, here’s how to use photo manipulation to get the effect.

Remove Blemishes & Smooth Skin

Skin retouching is just another photographic technique for all you portrait photographers out there. The tools that Photoshop provides for skin retouching are fantastic. This lesson provides a quick and efficient method to swiftly smooth skin and eliminate imperfections from your subjects as the beginning of photo manipulation to assist you in getting started.

Adding sci-fi portal to the image

Science fiction and fantasy films frequently feature shimmering portals that let characters enter our reality from another time or place or go to another planet. The advanced methods used in this course include the usage of perspective lines to properly align layers inside a scene.

However, it’s not a difficult undertaking in and of itself, so novices may take on it without fear of being overwhelmed. Just comply and enjoy yourself.

Powder/Dust/Sand Explosion Effect

Particularly in the modern dance and music video sectors, this one has been well-liked for a long time. Although it is challenging to do properly, creating an explosion of sand, dust, or powder may provide stunning visuals.

Additionally, if you’re not completely prepared, it might harm your camera. So, achieving the desired effect in post is a simple compromise. It is also a fantastic effect on its own and can be adjusted to fit different contexts.

Kaleidoscope effect

Despite being around for a very long time, the kaleidoscope effect never seems to get old. It can be produced in-camera with the use of a special lens, but you can also simply produce it in post-production by following this simple method. This style works well for a variety of artistic campaigns, music posters, and the like.

Adding drawings to the photo

This artwork and photographic combo has been used in several advertising campaigns for various products. To get decent results, you’ll need some sketching ability, but if you’re in a rush, you can get around it by utilizing vector graphics and line drawings.

Lens flare effect

One artifact that photographers and filmmakers will go to great efforts to produce when shooting is lens flare. However, there are times when a lens flare may not be feasible or where obtaining the intended outcome may be challenging.

By using a decent reference photo of a genuine lens flare that closely resembles the desired appearance, you can build lens flares and make them look authentic in Photoshop with ease. Since lens flare is already a feature in Photoshop, learning the fundamentals is simple and suitable for users of all skill levels, including novices.

Photo editing and photo filter action like Instagram

Photoshop allows you to duplicate your favorite Instagram filters or you may make your own original ones. By beginning with a recording of every stage, you can transform the entire project into a Photoshop action that will automatically process any image you feed into it.

Light particles around images

You will learn how to create magical light particles in this lesson, which you can use to add to any image to give it a fantastical vibe. Include it all around your model or commonplace items like a book.

Wrapping text around shapes

This text wrapping Photoshop technique makes life simple whether you’re producing a magazine cover or book page. You can easily configure your text to appear around any shape or subject with the pen tool and a custom route.

Placing Text Behind Objects

It’s simple to do by positioning your Photoshop images behind an object and blending them into the background of the image. Even if you’re a complete newbie, layer masks may help you rapidly achieve this look. This guide takes you step-by-step through the process of making this effect from scratch and offers countless creative options.

Conclusion: Ready To Kick Start Your Photo Editing Ideas?

So there you have it: inventive items and Photoshop photo editing techniques. Both seasoned Photoshop users and newcomers can find inspiration in this enormous selection. Just keep in mind to move slowly and one step at a time, especially while using the more advanced and difficult methods.

If you enjoy something, it is worthwhile to practice and acquire the necessary skills. Always conduct research to uncover other sources of information to help your study. Additionally, if you are creating illusions, employing a suitable real-world reference and everyday objects will always improve and increase the plausibility of your efforts.

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