Best Apps To Catch A Cheater in 2022: Must Read!

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse With a Find a Cheater App?

The last ten years have seen a rapid advancement in technology. People now have new perspectives on how to deal with every problem thanks to a number of creative solutions. One of these barriers is interpersonal interactions.

In current culture, people deal with a wide range of personal problems. No matter what promises were made on the wedding day, couples regularly break them, which leads to uneasiness in relationships. Modern technology has, however, also offered solutions to this issue.

You should be aware that you are not the only one if you believe your boyfriend is being unfaithful. When their significant other isn’t showing them the same amount of attention they used to, it’s normal for a partner to feel anxious about their relationship. It goes without saying that you would like to know how your spouse or partner is doing.

You want to be certain that your partner is cheating on you before addressing them, more particularly. Fortunately, there is a method to do this while being entirely covert. Use one of the top cheating apps, that’s all.

Finding the best app for you among the sea of identical apps available online may be challenging, to put it mildly. So, in our article today, we’ll be reviewing a number of cheating spouse monitoring applications that you may consider using to either confirm your suspicions or find solace.

Best Apps to Catch a Cheater


Because of its functionality and usability, mSpy is one of the most well-liked and finest spy apps when it comes to the best Android spy apps to catch a cheating spouse. Spouses may monitor their partners’ Facebook and WhatsApp chats, as well as their usage of Tinder and Snapchat, among other things, using just one piece of software.

By covertly activating the camera on the target phone, you will be able to spy on your spouse and learn their locations and who they are with to catch a cheater. Additionally, the cell phone’s audio recorder may be turned on so you can hear the surroundings and background noise.

Your spouse won’t be aware that you are watching them because the app operates in background mode, and you may receive updates on their behavior every five minutes. The software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and includes a live location tracking feature.


  • The app works secretly in the background without notifying your target.
  • The app provides an update on the target phone’s activity every five minutes, i.e. their live location.
  • Allows users to view incoming and outgoing text messages happening on the target phone.
  • Advanced social monitoring features including extracting deleted texts and photographs.


  1. Live location tracking.
  2. Encrypts and protects all data collected.
  3. Lets you spy on your partner without alerting them to catch a cheater.
  4. 24/7 customer support.
  5. Monitoring features work on most social media apps.
  6. Can track every tap and keystroke input into the target phone to catch a cheating spouse.


  1. Could be pricey.


One of the most powerful cell phone tracking software programs available is called eyeZy. When it comes to assisting their clients, they are passionate about doing so not just when it comes to figuring out whether or not your spouse is cheating online, but also if you’re a parent who wants to keep tabs on what your kids are doing so that you can feel comfortable in their online activity.

You also get a complete picture of every communication taking place to them in real-time using services like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, which are often not so simple to spy on to catch a cheater.

The only steps required to get started with these people are to select your membership, install their software, where you will have access to 24/7 assistance, and then they may assist you in obtaining the correct information from the target phone or through their user-friendly dashboard.

You can monitor what he’s doing online once you install eyeZy on his cell phone. You can easily check all the websites he has visited and bookmarked by going to your eyeZy account, so you’ll always know what he’s up to.

That’s not all, though. You can view his caller ID, texts sent and received, and even his current location. You can also learn whether he’s using an app (like Tinder) that he shouldn’t be. You can even read their private conversations using eyeZy.


  • App helps you prevent your partner from attending events you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Work excellently to help you monitor social media activities.
  • Lets you review events input into the phone calendar, including details like event name, location, date, and time.
  • Review and limit websites they can visit on their smartphone.
  • Pinpoint GPS location tracker.


  1. Accurate tracking of target’s location with GPS location tracking and advanced WiFi network analysis.
  2. Shows you websites your partner has bookmarked on their phone.
  3. Block out any website, Wi-Fi connection, or application remotely.
  4. Extracts all videos and photos in the target phone, including hidden media.
  5. Accurate keyword tracking.


  1. It gets pricey for multiple devices
  2. Customer support can be better


The purpose of uMobix is to allow parents to monitor their children’s smartphone usage. In spite of this, the app’s functions also allow you to spy on a mistress to catch a cheater. As soon as the app is on your target device, you may complete the quick installation process and begin working.

An iOS and Android-compatible mobile surveillance app is called uMobix. With the use of this program, you are able to correctly monitor the GPS position of your target device and spy on your spouse’s call records, SMS, social media, and browsing activities to catch a cheater. The background operation of this program prevents your spouse from learning who you are spying on.


  • Live phone call tracking.
  • Text messages monitoring.
  • Advanced GPS-tracker feature.
  • Browser history tracking.
  • Access photo gallery.
  • Keylogger.
  • Monitor all sent, received, and deleted messages.


  1. Lets you check all sent, received, and deleted text messages.
  2. Retrieve timestamps and contact information.
  3. View all incoming and outgoing calls.
  4. Get accurate real-time location and location history.
  5. User friendly UI.
  6. Flexible pricing plan.


  1. One subscription is limited to only one device.


When it comes to free Android spy apps, Hoverwatch is as straightforward as they get. It only requires a few simple steps to install it quickly. While the software works in total stealth mode, you are provided the most precise information from the target phone.

With the help of the spying app Hoverwatch, you may monitor your spouse’s calls, texts, and other communications. One of the top applications for catching a cheating spouse. Users of the targeted Android smartphones cannot see it.

This Android software allows you to spy on your spouse’s phone without paying a penny to catch a cheater. You may also see all of the data that the device’s user has transmitted and received.

Additionally, Hoverwatch logs data from social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. As a result, you are virtually completely protected and have a better chance of discovering your spouse’s infidelity, if it is happening. To pinpoint the device’s position, the software also uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile phone tower signals.


  • Phone tracker app that remains invisible on the target phone.
  • Lets you install the app from your online account.
  • Uploads all information to the online platform where only the user has access to.
  • Excellent SMS, MMS, and Facebook Messenger monitoring.
  • Accurate geolocation tracking.
  • Helps you spy on Phone Internet history to catch a cheater.


  1. Can help you root target Android smartphone.
  2. Come with a free trial version for you to have a feel before subscribing.
  3. Accurate geolocation tracking feature.


  1. Physical access required to install the app into the target phone.
  2. Advanced features work on rooted phones only.


With the help of the phone tracking software ClevGuard, you can easily watch your spouse’s actions from a distance to catch a cheater.

With more than 30 monitoring functions, ClevGuard is a handy tool for snooping on any Android or iOS device. You may easily access phone files with this spy app from any location. You may set up geofences and receive real-time notifications if your spouse enters or leaves the area.

Since the program is completely untraceable, you can track any device without being discovered. The actual installation is quick and easy. Additionally, installing this program on a smartphone doesn’t need rooting or jailbreaking it.

Once installed, you’ll have access to the phone’s files from any location. Everything from their contact information to where they are right now will be available to you. Using the software, you can even snap covert pictures, record phone calls, and take screenshots in real time.


  • Live GPS location tracking.
  • Remotely capture screenshots on target Android mobile phone.
  • Real-time data sync with 3G or 3G network or Wi-Fi.
  • Phone call recording.
  • Multiple language support.
  • 24/ email and chat support.


  1. Get multi-language customer support.
  2. Powerful stealth monitoring.
  3. Allows you to remotely control certain aspects of a target phone.


  1. Does not provide remote control features for iOS.


We included Cocospy on our list due to its effective invisibility mode. Real-time tracking of messages, calls, and whereabouts is possible thanks to the app’s background operation in silence.

You may see pictures and movies on your spouse’s device to catch a cheater thanks to it. It even records timestamps and tracks how frequently your partner visits webpages on their smartphone.

Additionally, it is among the best Android spy apps that enables you to peep at stored contacts. You can keep a careful check on your partner with the aid of this app.


  • The phone monitoring app can help you monitor both mobile phones and tablets.
  • Track and record all keystrokes made on the target Android device.
  • Read both individual and group chats.
  • View all photos and videos stored on the smartphone.
  • Shows call duration, timestamps and call frequency to catch a cheater.
  • Compatible and works on Android, iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Browser history monitoring.
  • GPS location tracking.


  1. Excellent for monitoring WhatsApp activities.
  2. Easy to install and set up to catch a cheater.
  3. Works in the background to be 100% discrete.
  4. 60-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Pricing for iOS devices is very high.
  2. Dashboard may look a little boring.


Another feature-rich phone spy app that operates on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets is FlexiSPY. Both iOS and Android smartphones may use it without any issues. More functions are likely included than in any comparable app. This one program can be used for anything, including monitoring emails and intercepting phone conversations.

Additionally, it encourages cutting-edge features that let you capture sounds around the target Android device. The app may also be used to remotely disable or delete a program. While operating in stealth mode, it completes all of this.


  • Excellent parental control features.
  • Allows you to track your partner’s online activities on the smartphone.
  • Hassle-free spy app with remote installation mode that will run in the background.
  • Automatic remote updates.
  • Social media and browser monitoring to catch a cheater.
  • Location tracking
  • Geo-fencing feature.


  1. Can prevent the uninstallation of the app from the target phone.
  2. Real-time dashboard alerts.
  3. Hassle-free spy apps with remote installation.
  4. Track user’s log on/off activity.
  5. Send remote commands from the web to the target Android mobile phone.


  1. Requires rooting/Jailbreak on the target device.


One of the most effective and well-respected covert cheating programs for Android is SpyBubble spy app. You may utilize its 25 special characteristics to catch a cheating spouse in the act. Nearly every social media program now in use, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, may be spied on.

Any browser may be used to access the app. On the target Android phone, you can trace all incoming and outgoing phone calls remotely along with crucial information like timestamps and contact names.

You may even create virtual places on a map with the app. When the target device departs or enters the designated region, you are immediately notified. You may even snap screenshots from the target phone every second, which SpyBubble will send to you.


  • Real-time calls, SMS, and MMS tracking
  • Geo-fencing capability.
  • GPS location tracking.
  • Social app monitoring.


  1. Can be used to retrieve deleted messages.
  2. Automated updates on your partner’s phone activity to catch a cheater.
  3. Track all YouTube and mobile apps used.
  4. Detects changes made to contact list.
  5. Compatible with all recent iOS and Android devices.
  6. 24/7 customer support.


  1. App does not store videos and calendar info.
  2. Does not have a keylogger to track keywords input into the phone.


The Spyera software works similarly to every other tool on this list that we’ve already covered. It sets itself apart from rivals by providing an online management panel that is, in our opinion, the best available for modern apps.

Regardless of whether it is a tablet, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you will be able to remotely monitor your partner’s gadget from any Mac or Windows PC. The mobile spying app also often updates itself. You may anticipate a wonderful user experience when using it.


  • Keylogger feature.
  • Lets users access media files saved on the target phone.
  • Call recording.
  • Accurate location tracking.
  • Web history tracking.


  1. Live call-listening to eavesdrop on phone calls to catch a cheating spouse.
  2. Comprehensive and useful web control panel.
  3. Download media files from the target device remotely.
  4. Excellent stealth mode to go undetected.


  1. Offers different features for iOS and Android.
  2. Expensive packages.


Spyic facilitates hassle-free Android spy app with remote cell phone surveillance in the same manner as its more well-known competitors. To assist you in catching a cheating spouse, it will track all incoming and outgoing calls, monitor all text and social media communications, and more. The tool is especially useful for monitoring WhatsApp discussions.

On the platform, you’ll be able to track texts as well as shared multimedia messages. In addition, Spyic is excellent for tracking locations. It has a Geo-fencing function that enables you to designate a specific area on the map. If the target device departs or enters that designated area, you are immediately notified.


  • Browser history monitoring.
  • Geo-fencing capability.
  • Call-log and SMS monitoring.
  • Stealth mode to monitor undetected.


  1. Monitor messages on iMessaging apps, social media networks, and text.
  2. Easy to set up geo fences on maps.
  3. Check how many times the target device’s owner has visited a particular website.
  4. 60-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Customer support isn’t always responsive.
  2. The iOS version is very expensive.


Spyine may be downloaded and installed on your target device without having to jailbreak or root the device beforehand. It immediately transforms your computer’s browser into a monitoring center that continuously transmits real-time data from the target device. Spyine has you covered whether you want to monitor your spouse’s calls, SMSs, or social media activities.

Any iOS or Android device may be secretly monitored by it. Thanks to its geolocation tracking and geo-fencing features, it can even precisely determine a device’s position.


  • Geofencing capability.
  • Message reader to check text message on your spouse’s phone to catch a cheater.
  • Call logs tracking.
  • Browser history monitoring.


  1. The app works in the background on both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Easy to set up a zone on the map for Geo-fencing.
  3. User friendly monitoring dashboard.


  1. iOS packages are very expensive.

Major Impacts of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

One of the most challenging periods in your life might come when your spouse cheats, especially if you were unaware of what was taking place. We all know that being cheated on won’t be a pleasant experience, but how difficult is it to deal with the psychological repercussions of a cheating spouse?

The psychological impacts of a cheating spouse might totally depend on your level of resilience as well as the self-protection and coping mechanisms you already employ in everyday life.

Here are a few ways that living with a dishonest spouse can have psychological impacts on our lives. Although the duration of these encounters might vary, be aware that clearing up after them can take some time.

You are, after all, going through emotional and psychological trauma, but as with any other tough moment, “it too will pass.”


Self-blame is a frequent consequence of infidelity, while there is no particular order in which you could feel some of its psychological impacts and you might not experience them altogether.

Did you influence your partner’s infidelity? Did you present yourself well enough? Should you have shown more care, concern, intimacy, and love? There are simply countless questions that will creep up in your mind.

The truth is that you can’t change the past and only move on; so, if you discover yourself criticizing yourself, give yourself permission to stop. You may avoid and manage this psychological impact of a cheating spouse by simply shifting your inner dialogue to a more empowering one, such as “I am worthy and deserving of the love and respect I need.”


Your marriage or relationship, at least as you previously understood it, is no more. No matter what, it won’t be the same again whether you remain or go. You might be able to start over and construct another connection that is just as precious as the one you thought you had, but you can never replace what you previously had.

You have little control over this severe psychological impact of an unfaithful spouse. You are going through a true loss, and you need to take some time to grieve, just like everyone else who has lost something that was so important to them.

Embrace space and time for oneself. Let yourself mourn and express your rage, anguish, fear, and guilt. Take time to withdraw so that you may properly come to grips with the circumstance.

When you’re ready, each day will then start to get easier, and since you did take the necessary break, it will be much simpler to start reintegrating your life back into normalcy.


A cheating spouse is likely to have a significant psychological impact in the form of tense or worried sensations. After all, you’re uneasy and your entire existence is in jeopardy (and the life of your children too, if you have any).

The good news is that you are in an unstable circumstance, which is what is causing the fear, thus your degree of concern is justified. But if it persists after you’ve calmed down again, you should probably investigate that.

Why not look into some methods for managing your anxiety and learning to relax yourself to lessen its effects and give you a sense of control while you wait?

Reduced Self-Esteem

We must reconcile the idea that the person you loved, trusted, and invested your life in has effectively chosen someone else over you when we are coping with a spouse who has strayed.

This will make sense to you even if that won’t exactly be how it happened or how your partner sees things (and we can understand that). You start to wonder if you performed this, that, or catered to your spouse’s every whim, perhaps you would have been selected instead or maybe if you were taller, shorter, curvier, or thinner.

A cheating spouse’s psychological impact is this. That is difficult since your reasoning for your partner’s infidelity makes sense. On the other hand, nothing will ever return to its original state.

Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to your inner dialogue and make an effort to alter the narrative you tell yourself whenever you catch yourself comparing, criticizing, or doubting yourself.

Do all in your power to avoid putting yourself down in this position, even if it can be more convenient and occasionally indulgent to do so. You can’t afford to let this develop into a bigger issue.

Conclusion: What is The Best App To Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Having questions about your partner’s faithfulness is difficult. You have the opportunity to confirm and disprove any reservations you may have with the help of the stated premium and free spy apps. You may use this program to monitor all activities on your spouse’s Android or iOS device.

You will be aware of who is calling or texting them, when they are being called, and the duration of these exchanges. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your spouse’s location at all times without them being aware of it. All of the cheating software we’ve suggested is simple to set up and operate.

Because of their numerous user-friendly features and reasonable prices, eyeZy or mSpy are the best phone tracking apps to employ when trying to catch a cheating spouse.

How to Use an Android Spy App to Catch a Cheater in 2022

Let’s look at a step-by-step procedure for using your selected mobile spy app to spy on a cheating spouse to catch a cheater.

  1. Launch a web browser
  2. Visit the website for the spy app of your choice.
  3. Use your login information to register or log in.
  4. Choose a language.
  5. Configure the monitoring device
  6. You will need to confirm that you have access to the device you wish to monitor. So, you’ll have to have physical access to the cell phone.
  7. You will be guided step-by-step through the installation procedure for your selected spy app on the target phone.
  8. Choosing the manufacturer, such as Android or iPhone, will be part of this.
  9. Disable play protect if the intended smartphone is an Android. Select the three icons that you will see at the top to the left of the Play Store on the device you are targeting. Choose “Play Protect.” The settings icon will be visible in the upper right corner; choose it. Turn off the “scan applications with play protect” setting. On the targeted cell phone, launch the web browser. Choose a spy app, go to the link supplied, and adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen. This ought to be effective in downloading the app to the intended spouse’s cell phone.
  10. Look through the spy app’s dashboard. You should be able to view information about the target phone, such as who is calling them and who they are texting, once you have configured it in accordance with the onscreen instructions.
  11. Follow their progress. You ought to be able to view all pertinent data in the dashboard in real-time, from history to present GPS location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Android spy apps?

Spy phone apps are computer programs that let you monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, and GPS positions of a specific handset. You can track programs like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and more with its assistance.

These phone tracker spy apps provide a reliable and precise GPS tracker that enables you to monitor the whereabouts of your spouse’s or kids’ phones in real time.

When a member of your family is close by, you will receive GPS notifications. These spying applications maximize battery life and position accuracy on Android devices by utilizing both cell monitoring and GPS tracking.

Are spy apps legal?

If spy apps are used to monitor your own phone activity or the behavior of a kid or minor, they are allowed to employ. If spy apps are downloaded onto someone else’s phone without that person’s permission, it is deemed criminal.

Are Apps for Cheating Partners Safe?

Yes, using cheating spouse apps is entirely safe. The privacy of its users is given top priority by the applications we’ve discussed in this post. Additionally, they guarantee that the owner’s information will never come into the wrong hands.

What is Jailbreaking?

The process for getting access to a smartphone’s operating system is called jailbreaking. It enables you to use installed applications that aren’t accessible by default.

Is physical access to the target phone required?

You will require physical access to the target phone in order to install the software on the majority of Android and iPhone phones. If you want to make use of sophisticated surveillance features, you might additionally need to route the target phone.

Can text messages be spied on without software installation?

A cell phone spy app is now the only option to spy on text messages. Installing programs like mSpy or uMobix on your target device will enable you to achieve this. You will be able to remotely read any text messages sent and received when the installation is complete.

Why should I spy on my partner?

We can come up with a variety of reasons why you would want to spy on your spouse’s or partner’s cell phone.

Because your spouse hasn’t always been loyal, there may be moments when you have reason to be suspicious of them. If this is the case, you may be concerned that they are doing it again.

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